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Spokane Trophy Turf - Experienced Lawn Care and Landscaping

Spokane Trophy Turf provides expert lawn care and landscaping services in Spokane, WA. When it comes to property management our professionals cannot be beat! We make the grass greener on your side of the fence, and we have been doing it for a long time.Whether lawn care for residential services, property management for multi-family properties or commercial landscaping - we do it all! And when winter rolls around our snow removal services ensure your property is safe and accessible. We all know how quickly the weather can change in Spokane, but with Spokane Trophy Turf on your side your property becomes one less thing you need to worry about.

A beautiful landscape is one thing, but what about when you just need those mundane tasks like yard clean up and hedge trimming? A trusted partner in maintaining the beauty of your homes exterior and property is what you need and that is exactly what Spokane Trophy Turf provides.

Whether you need rock or hardscapes designed and installed or just your lawn mowed and fertilized - our team of professionals will handle the job with experience and skill.

What set's us apart? You may have researched a a few different landscaping companies in Spokane, WA and found that we all promote our expert services, and hard working staff. And it's true, for the most part Spokane landscapers are very skilled. But very few have the experience and passion we have.

#1 Experience: Our owner has years of experience cultivating and maintaining various landscapes in Spokane and throughout Washington State for years

#2 Passion: Our team loves green grass. We love beautiful gardens. It is our job to take the stress of keeping your yard looking it's best off of your hands, and we get excited about it!

Thank you for checking us out online. Contact us today to get the conversation started with a free estimate!


Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Spokane Trophy Turf and Landscaping gives you a professional lawn mowing service. Proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. Grasses are like most plants, if you clip off the growing points the plants branch out and become denser, which in this case, turns thousands of individual grass plants into a tightly woven turf or a lawn. Obviously if you didn’t mow at all you know what your yard would look like and you could only guess what your neighbors will say. Enjoy your life and let us do all the hard work for you.


Pruning, Edging and Trimming

Trimming, pruning, or edging your lawn is like putting the icing on the cake. You do not have to do it but it adds so much to that manicured touch. A lawn just isn't finished unless it's been trimmed. I recommend trimming every time the lawn is mowed (off season on a case by case basis). If you want your lawn to be the envy in your neighborhood, trim it.


Fertilize, Sod and Bark

Fertilizing is essential to achieve a healthy, green, envy-of-the-neighborhood lawn. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and what to avoid can be tricky, especially with so many products on the market. Sod can establish a lawn quickly and avoid soil erosion. We use top quality mulch to add to your soil which ensures a healthy, beautiful, look, and feel.

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